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Our goal for this fundraising campaign is $75,000.

Together, let’s improve the impact the coaches have on their teams.

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So that 15 teenagers will have a P3P coach guiding them for a month.
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So that 15 teenagers will have a P3P coach guiding them for 2 months.
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So that 15 teenagers will have a P3P coach guiding them for a year.


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And help us assist youth on the road to success!


We have raised: $69,900

More than 650 teenagers are accompanied annually by P3P coaches.

My coach is a coach, but I also see her as a big sister. I don’t have a sister but with her, I can have fun, improve and confide in her. When we are on our way to a game, she sits with us and gives us advice on our studies.

In 2018, 54 coaches have been certified by Pour 3 Points or are in training.

“Personally, respect is one of the most important values. It is present in our day to day lives and not only in sports. Whether in a classroom, with loved ones, at work or even when you cross paths with a stranger in the street, there must be a minimum of respect present. This is what I teach my players. By reflecting on their own actions, they will learn how to grow together.”

– Khadijah

Every year, hundreds of donors help us in our mission to support youth.

Thank you for your generosity!

Dr. Louis-Pierre tells us that some of the most significant people in his life were his coaches. Discover the complete testimony of the Poulin-Labrousse family which supports the education of young people through sport, regardless of their background. Pour 3 Point is proud to support the full potential of youth from underprivileged areas.

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