Half-Day Training Courses

Our short training courses are aimed mainly at people interested in acquiring techniques to improve their work as facilitators. Participants are generally day camp, youth centre or recreation centre counsellors with little experience or who wish to supplement their camp counsellor skills diploma (DAFA) or simply refresh their knowledge.

  • Introduction: The DesÉquilibres approach/psychosocial approach (2 hours)
  • How to choose the right game (3 hours)
  • The instructor’s approach (2 hours)
  • Encouraging participation in physical activity (3 hours)
  • Playing: A metaphor for everyday life (2 hours)

Rates: between $90 (per person) and $700 (for a group of 8 to 20 people)

Training Course Descriptions

Introduction: The DesÉquilibres approach/psychosocial approach (2 hours)

During this short course, we will reflect on what it means to adopt a psychosocial approach for sports and outdoor activities, based on your experiences and those of Pour 3 Points.

How to choose the right game (3 hours)

Why did you decide on soccer, British bulldog or relay races as an activity? During this course, you will learn to choose games according to the objectives you set for yourself with regard to your group. Is your goal to encourage girls and boys to play together fairly? To promote solidarity? Co-operation? These goals can all be achieved depending on your choice of activity.

The instructor’s approach (2 hours)

We all remember a coach, teacher or significant adult who had a great impact on our development. During this course, we will discuss adopting approaches that have a positive influence on participants, based on the results of more than twenty interviews with young people.

Encouraging participation in physical activities (3 hours)

As instructors, we are often confronted with the challenge of motivating and involving participants. We will provide you with techniques to optimize inclusion and thus encourage the involvement of all participants.

Playing: A metaphor for everyday life (2 hours)

In sports games, participants experience different emotions. With this in mind, how can we use play as a metaphor for daily life or as a technique to create an impact? During this course, instructors will explore techniques to be able to tell participants stories and help them make connections to their daily lives.

For more information on half-day training courses:

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