One-of-a-Kind Program

The Pour 3 Points Coaching Certification Program is the only program in the world for those who coach extracurricular sports in schools. The program aims to develop the skills that help coaches intervene with young people, particularly those who are at risk of dropping out of school, with the goal of educational and social development. At the end of the training program, coaches are better equipped to accompany young people as they develop the skills required to succeed at school and in life.

Our one-year training program includes the following :

  • Practical experience supervising a sports team
  • A comprehensive set of theoretical workshops
  • Personalized monitoring and support from one of our development advisers
  • Peer learning in a co-development group

Skills Developed in the Program

At the end of the training program, coaches will be able to :

  • Exercise professional judgment and act in a critical and ethical manner.
  • Adopt a professional development approach.
  • Develop significant relationships with young people.
  • Develop relationships with parents and contacts.
  • Develop season and practice plans.
  • Implement interventions supporting the personal growth of young people.
  • Adapt their working methods to the school setting.

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A Program Developed by Experts

The Pour 3 Points Coaching Certification Program was developed in collaboration with the Sport Psychology Research Laboratory at McGill University and the Mobius Executive Leadership Canada firm as part of Innoweave, a strategic planning process launched by the McConnell Foundation.

Experts involved in the development of the program:

  • Yves Chochard – Professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, Département d’éducation et formation spécialisées (department of special education and training)
  • Marie-Claude Collette – Certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation – Integral development coaching school
  • William Falca̋o – Evaluation Manager, Pour 3 Points
  • Tegwen Gadais – Professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, Département des sciences de l’activité physique (department of exercise science)
  • Annick Routhier Labadie – Management Consultant, Mobius Executive Leadership
  • Fabrice Vil – Co-Founder and President, Pour 3 Points

Our impact

Academic studies carried out on our training program have found, for example, that coaches who take part in the P3P Coaching Certification Program note that the young people they support and accompany show:

  • Increased autonomy
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased motivation and perseverance

Learn more about the studies that have been carried out on our program

In 2017–2018, Pour 3 Points consists of…


partner schools in Montréal and Laval


youths accompanied on a yearly basis by P3P coaches


P3P-certified coaches


P3P coaches-in-training

Advantages for Schools

In addition to coaching a sports team for the entire academic year at your school, coaches who take part in the Pour 3 Points coach certification program are actively involved in the development of each young person they coach. They work in collaboration with the team in place at the school and with parents to get involved in and contribute positively to the academic career and social development of the young people on the team. By training all of your school’s coaches, you will facilitate consistency across interventions and boost coach retention on your team.

School Involvement

Partner schools agree to remunerate coaches and implement the necessary conditions so that coaches-in-training can develop their skills. This would involve, for example, having a contact person, access to facilities and equipment for practices, collaboration in developing and implementing initiatives to support the development of young people, participation in activities to assess the Pour 3 Points program, etc.

“I realized that our coaches participating in the P3P program go beyond their mandates as sports coaches. They are also invested in supporting and accompanying the young people on their team, both in their studies, through encouraging them to persevere in school, and by participating in various activities and/or field trips. The help and support provided by some coaches to the parents of young athletes facing challenging life circumstances is greatly appreciated and well recognized.

We want all of our coaches to show positive and exemplary leadership to their young student athletes. Our partnership with Pour 3 Points has contributed to meeting this goal for us for the past 2 years.”