Fabrice Vil

Co-founder and President

Laurence Proulx Therrien

Operations and Programs Director


Annick Routhier-Labadie

Program Consultant and Instructor

Seydou Junior Haidara

Development Advisor

Albane Marret

Course designer

Margot Chignac

Development Advisor

Michael Chmielewski

Development Advisor

Andrée-Anne Denis

Development Advisor

Virginie Bourque

Conseillère en développement

William Falcao

Evaluation Manager

Michel Hogue

Development Advisor

Cynthia Leblanc

Recruitment Responsible and Development Advisor


Ericka Alneus

Philanthropic Development Advisor

Marianne Beaupré Laperrière

Programs coordinator

Véronique Duret

Communications Advisor

Marie-Jeanne Godbout

Executive Assistant

Board of directors

  • Robert Dutton — President – Adjunct Professor at HEC-Montréal
  • Pierre-Bernard Dow-Blanchet — Vice President – Independent Strategy Developer
  • Xavier Aubut — Secretary & Treasurer – Finance Director at MEDFAR solutions cliniques
  • Marie-Claude Collette — President at Marie-Claude Collette – Services de coaching Inc.
  • Katya Laviolette — Head of Human Resources Departement at TC Transcontinental
  • Guillaume Mercier — Vice President Marketing at SSENSE
  • Jean-Philippe Shoiry — Chief Strategy Officer – Partner at Republik

Les membres des comités conseils


Le comité programme
  • Yves Chochard — Professor, Département d’éducation et formation spécialisées, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Marie-Claude Collette — President, Marie-Claude Collette Services de coaching inc.
  • William Falcao — Evaluation manager, Pour 3 Points
  • Tegwen Gadais — Professor, Département des sciences de l’activité physique, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Annick Routhier Labadie – Founder, Humans & Company
  • Fabrice Vil — Co-Founder and President, Pour 3 Points
Le comité Communication-Marketing
  • Stephanie Picard — President – Senior Advisor, Citoyen Optimum, Canadian Red Cross
  • Pierre-Bernard Dow-Blanchet — Freelance Strategist
  • Jean-Philippe Shoiry — Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Republik
  • Frédéric Therrien — Director of Communications and Digital Development, Québec en Forme, 100°
  • Alexandre Vignola-Côté — Senior Advisor, Citoyen Optimum

Our Co-founder

In August 2010, I was walking in downtown Montreal and bumped into a good childhood friend that I had not seen in a while. I asked him how he was doing. “I’m wanted,” he told me. “I’m wanted”. That’s what you say when the police or criminals are after you. I found out later that he had dropped out of school and had turned to crime.

I remember that when I was a child, this friend had lived in an environment that would not always grant him the same opportunities that I benefited from. However, as a kid, he had enormous potential, and not only in sports. But he had no one to give him the support he needed. I am convinced that a good coach could have changed things, and not just for him, but for every kid with whom I grew up and went through similar things.

I know because I was a shy kid. I would feel intimated every time I stepped foot on the court and I was afraid to speak my mind. My basketball coaches changed that. They helped me improve my abilities as a player and as a human being.Thanks to them, I gained confidence and strength of character. I was a basketball coach for nearly 10 years myself and I was able to see the magnitude of change that I could bring to a kid’s life.

That is why I invited friends to found Pour 3 Points in fall 2010. At the time, the organization offered services directly to young athletes at one high school.

Our Major Partners

Through the coaches we train, we offer underprivileged youth the opportunity to develop their potential. To do so, we need the support and commitment of people, businesses, foundations and institutions that are willing to change things in favour of youths.