1 - Take the plunge

Set a goal and explain why you wish to contribute to the success of youth from underprivileged neighbourhoods by supporting sport coaches in their training to become life coaches.

2 - Spread the word

Rally the people around you. Tell everyone about your campaign. The more you talk about it, the faster you will reach your goal. Be proud of the donations that you receive allowing us to train future youth life coaches.

3 - Tap into your creativity

Do something different to draw people’s attention to your campaign! Ask for donations on your birthday, throw a party or shave your head. Have fun with it!

Gift your own birthday
Raise awareness of youth from underprivileged neighbourhoods on your birthday by asking for donations instead of gifts!

Challenge yourself
Run a marathon, hike a mountain, wear a pink outfit.
The possibilities are endless!

Organize an event
Put the fun in function by organizing a brunch, a cocktail party, a sports tournament or a bash!

“Every kid needs a coach or mentor to guide them in making life decisions. Pour 3 Points makes sure that they are headed in the right direction. Thank you!”

Contact us

You whish to organize a fundraiser for Pour 3 Points? Please, get in touch with Ericka Alneus. She’ll be more than happy to assist you and provide you with all the necessary informations to make this event a success.