The issue

Youths from underprivileged families or environments are three to four times more likely to fall behind in elementary and high school. They are twice as likely to have learning disabilities and three times as likely to have severe behavioural disorders in high school.

Youths from underprivileged families or environments are also less likely to graduate from high school. Moreover, the dropout rate is more than 50% in some Quebec high schools.

The coaches

Aside from their parents, coaches are the most influential adults in the life of young athletes.

Developing life skills is a way to resolve issues of success for underprivileged youth. Sports are the perfect place to start: they commit to a sport and are intrinsically motivated to perform. When
stimulated and channelled, this motivation can be transferred to other things and have a positive impact in school, on the kids’ personal lives and in their community.

However, the impact of sports beyond the court or field highly depends on the quality of the coaching. Coaches have a significant impact on young athletes, since they are the most important adult in their life after their parents. This influence is not only relevant in teaching a sport, but also in life education.

Only 5% to 10% of coaches received training to fulfill their role properly.

A coach is someone who shows you how to live by showing you how to play. Good sports coaches - at all levels - are actually life coaches. This is a huge cliché, but sport is always a metaphor for life.

Meet our coaches

Our vision and our mission

We believe in social equality for youth from underprivileged neighbourhood. We are convinced that, someday, all of them will have the opportunity to develop their potential to become happy, resilient and healthy adults involved in their community.

We invest all our efforts in realizing this vision, and that is why we help sports coaches become life coaches. By assisting underprivileged youth, they help them gain the skills needed to succeed in life and in school.

Our Theory of Change

The multiplier effect has a positive impact on people and their environment.

The Pour 3 Points organization has an exponential effect: the coaches we train work with approximately 12 young people per year. They become agents of change within the sports community and the education sector. Lastly, the youth participating in the program have a positive impact themselves on their environment.