An Éductraineur™ is a leader, coach, role model, and humanitarian.

Since you are your main tool for using sports and the outdoors for psychological and social development, Pour 3 Points is offering a unique educational path through which you will learn to discover yourself as an individual and in a group setting. In addition to practical content such as psychosocial techniques for leading activities, you will take part in sports activities and outdoor adventures in order to anchor your learning and develop your own projects.

There are two ways to follow the path:



You can join or set up a group and contact Luc Parlavecchio to find out or plan the schedule. All participants will take part in modules and activities required for the specialization at the same time.

Number of people: between 8 and 15


You can complete one-day training courses à la carte. You will be certified once you complete all the modules and activities on the path.

For more information on the Éductraineur Path:

Luc Parlavecchio

819 612-1664