In today’s culture, we value the idea of self-made. But we don’t believe people succeed alone. We all have someone who has influenced our life and path. And we believe that to reach their potential, every young person needs that person. As part of our year-end campaign, we invite you to help us support these people, donate now.

In today’s culture, we value the idea of self-made.
But, we believe that no one succeeds alone.

Everyone has someone who has influenced their life and path.

And we believe that nobody becomes somebody, without that person.

That someone who guided us, advised us, supported us.
But also questioned, challenged us.

Who uplifted us so that we could reach higher. 

Maybe that person was a family member.
Or a friend.
A teacher.
A boss.
A mentor.

A coach.

But not the kind of coach who would do anything to win.
Not the kind of coach who makes big speeches either.

Because we know from experience that sometimes, the most important gesture is to look someone right in the eye.

And simply ask, “How are you?”

Nobody is self-made.

To reach their full potential, every young person needs that person

“12 years later, I still remember everything she did for us. She was the person who showed us how sport is much more than just shooting a ball into a basket. It’s all the values she instilled in us. Without Imane, I wouldn’t have continued to play as long as I did. And having played for so long, it has made me who I am.

– Houyam, P3P coach-in-training and former P3P youth

If you believe that to become someone, everyone needs that person, donate now.


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