Eve Lortie-Fournier

Operations Manager

Jonathan Houle

Development Advisor

Solène Bitor

Philanthropic Development Advisor

Sébastien Côté

Program Coordinator

Meg Hewings

Philanthropic Development and Partnerships Lead

Joanie Dubé

Philanthropic Development Advisor

Marco Antonio Carriere Liera

Mobilization of the coaching community

Jordy Belance

Development Advisor, Program Design and Improvement, and Facilitator

Joël St-Cyr

Recruitment and Community Relations Lead, and Development Advisor

Nadège Milord

Communication and Marketing Lead

Marikha Nguyen

Programs Lead

Imane Moglia Euchi

Development advisor and facilitator of the animation of the community of certified coaches

Elsa Benistrand

Program design and improvement

Wilmann Edouard

Representative-recruiter of coaches

Cloé Fortin

Program design and improvement

Fabrice Vil


Marie-Jeanne Godbout

Executive assistant

Andrée-Anne Denis

Development advisor, and Program Design and Improvement

Laurence Proulx Therrien

Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • Fabrice Vil — President
  • Xavier Aubut — Secretary & Treasurer – VP strategy and corporate development at MEDFAR solutions cliniques
  • François Beauregard — Vice President – Cofounder, Triaxiom9
  • Benoit-Hugo St-Pierre — Administrator – Marketing manager at Vention
  • Bochra Manaï — Administrator – Commissioner against Systemic Racism and Discrimination
  • Saïd Apali — Administrator

Thank You

The birth of Pour 3 Points would not have been possible without the support and involvement of a number of invaluable people who believed in Fabrice’s vision from the start. In fact, they influenced the vision by contributing to the organization’s start-up through their thoughts, ingenuity and efforts to mobilize our first supporters, in addition to acting as the first members of the organization’s boards of directors. Thank you to our valued co-founders:

  • Alexandre Bien-Aimé
  • Nicolas Chenard Paul
  • Mathieu Halpin
  • Sammy Najar
  • Soufian Zitouni