Ericka Alneus

Philanthropic development advisor

Laura Cliche

Partnerships manager

Éliane Laberge

Recruitment manager

Emna Achour

Content creation and social media management

Marie-Jeanne Godbout

Executive assistant

Laurence Proulx Therrien

Operations director

Fabrice Vil


Elsa Benistrand

Program design

Cloé Fortin

Program design and improvement

Margot Chignac

Program design and improvement, Development advisor

Imane Makroum

Program consultation, Facilitation

Virginie Bourque

Development advisor, Coaches experience coordinator

Imane Moglia Euchi

Development advisor

Andrée-Anne Denis

Development advisor

Wilmann Edouard

Development advisor

Cynthia Leblanc

Development advisor

Board of directors

  • Pierre-Bernard Dow-Blanchet — President – Independent Strategy Developer
  • François Beauregard — Vice President – Cofounder, Triaxiom9
  • Xavier Aubut — Secretary & Treasurer – VP strategy and corporate development at MEDFAR solutions cliniques
  • Katya Laviolette — Administrator – Head of Human Resources Departement at SSENSE
  • Guillaume Mercier — Administrator – Marketing manager at Vention
  • Khadijah Jaffal — Administrator – Certified P3P coach
  • Bochra Manaï — Administrator

Our Major Partners

Through the coaches we train, we offer underprivileged youth the opportunity to develop their potential. To do so, we need the support and commitment of people, businesses, foundations and institutions that are willing to change things in favour of youths.