New in January 2019 at Pour 3 Points

One-Day Training Course!

Duration: 7 hours
When: on a weekend day of your choice
Where: in your school
Cost: from $200 (individual rate) to $1,900 (group of 20 people)

The goal of this training course is to introduce the coaches to the fundamentals of Pour 3 Points coaching so that they become aware of how they can help young people succeed in life and in school, and for coaches to obtain the basic tools needed to assist young people in their development.

  • To learn the four Cs: four major life skills from the field of developmental sports psychology.
  • To learn about the humanistic approach and related coaching practices.
  • To use play as a learning strategy.
  • To expand and develop one’s own coaching practice.

For more information, contact Cynthia Leblanc at 819-431-0642 or at