Official CF Montréal press release

MONTREAL – CF Montréal announced on Tuesday a partnership with non-profit organization Pour 3 Points, to strengthen the Club’s involvement in its community and social engagements.

CF Montréal will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Pour 3 Points to continue its social impact, while Pour 3 Points will be able to use CF Montréal’s platforms and reputation to promote their mission across the sports world.

“Partnering with Pour 3 Points allows us to bring our community initiatives to the next level,” said CF Montréal director of community relations, Véronique Fortin. “They do wonderful work with their coaches and youth. Their reputation and expertise are invaluable assets. It’s a natural partnership as we both use sport as a driver for change, while considering ourselves to be open and innovating organizations.”


As part of Black History Month, CF Montréal and Pour 3 Points are organizing a free virtual conference on February 25 at 6:30pm, available on the Club’s website,

The conference will highlight the contributions of black coaches in the lives of athletes, youth, and their communities. Head coach Thierry Henry and his assistants Wilfried Nancy, Kwame Ampadu and Patrice Bernier will take part in this special conference hosted by Fabrice Vil, founder of Pour 3 Points.

“The fact that the coaching staff of a professional soccer team is made up mostly of black coaches is a strong symbol for youth of all backgrounds throughout society,” explains Fabrice Vil. “Furthermore, many black coaches from different levels support the communities in which they work, and not just at the sporting level. It’s important to recognize that.”

As a non-profit organization, Pour 3 Points’ mission is social equality in favour of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. By training sports coaches, Pour 3 Points favours a coaching approach that cultivates the potential of young people and gives them confidence, rigour and comfort, in sport and in life.


Both organizations worked together before, most notably with the sales of personalized t-shirt for the 2020 Black Lives Matter campaign, with all profits going to to P3P.

This campaign will be back in 2021, with a t-shirt with a new design that will be unveiled on February 25.